Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hello goodbye

I have really long hair.

Like, really long hair. I have always identified myself as always having long hair. It sweeps almost to my mid-to-lower back. Sometimes wavy, occasionally braided, most of the time in a bun on my head with a swirly flair.

And now I have an appointment soon to just cut it off. I'll be making a donation to Locks of Love, a non-profit that donates hair to children who for medical reasons suffer from hair loss.

It just seems like such a simple way to help a kid out. A couple of my friends did the same thing. They grew their hair to extraordinary lengths (both yellow gals too), and then one day they chopped off a good two feet of hair.

It will give a kid out there (and me in a way) the opportunity to start anew. All that - with just hair. So whoever out there gets my hair: I hope it helps you - even if in a minimal way - during your difficult time. It's been with me through my ups and downs, drama, both good and bad. I hope that you will find the same resilience that it has shown me.

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