Friday, December 17, 2010

Ascension from a pissy mood

There is so much negativity and tension in the world. It circulates around us, among us, and within us. It seemingly emanates from strangers, coworkers, and--most potently--our friends and family. Each interaction is coated with this toxic negativity.

Sometimes I feel it build within me. The pent-up resentment, the irritation. It boils beneath the surface. I imagine scenarios where I blow up at the wrong-doers, self-righteous in my anger and victimization.

But now I'm telling myself this: In the end, all the bullshit we get worked up over will mean nothing. Don't succumb to the toxic negativity. Rise above it. Be honest with yourself and with others. And have compassion for the people who live day to day in bitter resentment until they die. Because life is short, and we have only so long to make most of the time we have.

My father passed away when he was 67. And I'm almost halfway to his age. I will likely die of a heart attack like he did, thanks to heredity. I avoid fried food, red meat and pork, and exercise several times a week to toll my genetic death clock.

But one day, I will die. And in the moments right before I die, I might look back at my life, and wonder why I got worked up over bullshit. It was all so meaningless, and I should have spent more time being happy.

Hopefully I will have that deathbed-epiphany sooner rather than later.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hintidy hint hint

It's a common to cite the great irony of America being obsessed with weight, but also having the most of it.

Recently, my company has been posting Weight Watchers posters all around the office. In the facility's cafeteria. On the tables. On walls. Near the bathroom. By the water fountain. Near every exit and stairwell and elevator. Not to mention, we seem to get weekly company-wide emails promoting the company's subsidized Weight Watchers program.

Is this a hint? Are they calling us fat?

Sure, there is a rotund coworker or twenty around the office. But this blatant pushing of Weight Watchers on us is getting borderline offensive.

Imagine if a boyfriend or spouse did this. You come home from work, and on the door is a Weight Watchers poster. You open the fridge, and there is a Weight Watchers ad. You sit at the dining room table, and there is a Weight Watchers flier. You check your email, and you see a Weight Watchers email from him.

I think most men in that situation would their balls chopped off.

Anyway, I get it. The company wants to lower their subsidized health insurance costs, particularly those related to heart-disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. So they only want to help you so they can help themselves.

I wish there was a way of implementing this initiative without feeling like we're being passive-aggressively told that we're fat.



So I am one of those people who have several different email accounts, one "real" email account, one for my blog, one for spam, etc. Well, one of the ones that used to be my "real" email account but now a back-up email account got hacked! Some logged into my account and spammed all my contacts!

This is the FIRST time I've been hacked. I'm pretty good at detecting phishing emails and spoofed websites. I update my antivirus and antispyware pretty regularly (almost neurotically). But somehow, somewhere, something got through!

So, aside from feeling somewhat violated that my email account got hacked and also feeling mortified that all my contacts got spammed, I realized that all these people from my past, whom I never deleted from my contacts, were spammed as well.

This includes: ex-boyfriends, toxic friends, and friends-turned-enemies. I'm sure all of them were pleased to see an email from Yellow Gal waxing eloquent on the virtues of Viagra.

How embarrassing!

Fortunately, so far, none of my former acquaintances replied back with a, "Hey, how's it going, you bitch?" response.

So far.

Argh. So embarrassing.
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