Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why is it

that when I see a memorial, webpage, or commercial about a suffering or dying pet, I start tearing up uncontrollably? I need to get a grip.

Yellow baby-to-be

As I predicted in my previous entry, I am having a girl. As soon as the sonographer typed onto the ultrasound screen, "IT'S A BABY GIRL!!!" I nodded knowingly, while my husband laughed excitedly.

A girl. A little yellow girl.

I wonder what she'll look like, and whom she will take after. I hope her temperament is more like her father's - patient, good-natured, forgiving, easy-going, and generous.

I hope that she's a happy child, that her heart isn't broken too many times, and that she learns to look ahead and not dwell on hurts of the past.

Does every mother want her daughter to be a better, happier woman than the mother could be? Is that an unfair burden for a girl to bear? I suppose it depends on how the mother manifests that hope; whether she is overbearing and controlling, or encouraging and respectful.

Which leads me to my second hope - that I'll be a good mom.

How does a person prepare to take on the most difficult job in the world with zero experience or training?

Not really sure. But ready or not, here she comes (soon!).
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